Thursday, February 27, 2014

February: Read Around the World Display

Spring break is quickly approaching, at my school that means that Interim will begin. During Interim students get several choices for activities and many of those choices include travel. Whether it is to a local city, domestic location or international location, we offer options for all. I decided to create a display around travel, but instead of out normal travel books I chose fiction books that had travel destinations in the title. I call the display "Read Around the World."  

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, I drew up some quick images of iconic locations from around the world.  Please feel free to use any in your display. I printed out the images and cut each one out to tape around the display.  

For the signage I made a blue circle to represent the "world" and then I placed the images around the "world." I manipulated the text to curve inside the circle and wrote the display title.

Once the display was up I felt it was missing something so I blew up the center text from the sign and cut out the words to place at the top of the display.
There were several ways I could have done this display and in the future I might dedicate two bookshelves and add travel books as well.


  1. We were going to use your display for our summer reading program and we cannot figure out what the building that is orange spires with red dots on top.

  2. It is the Sagrada Familia from Spain.

  3. So I have another question, Is the red and yellow building the Forbidden City, in Beijing? Thanks so much, love your graphics! Thanks for sharing them.