Saturday, February 8, 2014

February: Blind Date with a Book, AGAIN!

February is here again and I have a second chance at creating the Blind Date with a Book Display. This display was really popular last year. You can see the post on my first attempt here. This time the display was over the top with pink and red wrapping paper and tons and tons of valentine's decor.
I wanted to be sure I did not have repeat titles from last year's display so I dug up the spreadsheet of titles I made last time. I added the new books to the spreadsheet to help me out in the coming years. I used the same signs from last year, (You might notice that I did alter the colors and make the signs darker this time, but they are all the same wording as before). I also used the same sign out sheet, and rate your date slips.

I advertised the display on our website, Facebook, Pinterest, and school newsletter. We have students fill out "rate your date" slips to be entered in a raffle at the end of the two week display period.

The decor was different this time. I found three new ideas to make the display even cuter than it was last time. First I made "pop-up" hearts from an idea I found on Pinterest. It comes from Howtoorange and was really easy to make (although I used tape instead of glue). I then clustered the "pop-up" hearts on one area of the display and the effect was awesome!
I then created some layered hearts, I saw many examples of this on Pinterest but it was difficult finding a tutorial. actually ended up having a great one. These were really easy to make and I had students offering to create them for me. (I think they would be adorable with scrapbook paper in different prints).
I then added small and large heart garlands around the display. These are so cute and easy to hang in different ways. I used long ones to give a decorative feel to the display area as well. You can find them on Etsy as Baileyhadaparty.
The display has only been up for two days and we have already have six books checked out. I think I am going to need to wrap a lot more books to keep up with the demand! Has anyone else made a Blind Date with a Book display?

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