Saturday, February 14, 2015

February: Blind Date With A Books, Take Three! Display

It's that time of year again, Blind Date With A Book! Everyone's favorite interactive display! This year I chose to do a flower theme instead of a heart theme as in the years before. With our new Silhouette Cameo I was able to cut out dozens of 3D flowers, making this display gorgeous!!
Each book was wrapped in either a metallic purple or metallic green wrapping paper. I cut out vines and flowers to put on the books, along with either a leaf or flower that gave a brief description of the book, genre, theme.

As with the last two attempts at this display I used similar signage to explain the display and how it worked. I numbered the back of each wrapped book and provided a signout sheet for students to checkout the books.
You can read more detailed instructions  in my first Blind Date post
Hope you liked this version of the display!

Monday, February 2, 2015

February: African American History Timeline Display

In honor of African-American History Month I created a unique timeline display. I saw an idea on Pinterest from a University library that had posted a timeline in their display case, for African-American History Month. I searched all over and was unable to find the timeline they had used. I created my own timeline template in Photoshop and I used facts, years and photos found on InfoPlease African-American History Timeline, Black History Month, US Forest Services Timeline of Events in African American History, and NPR Black History Month Timeline.

The timeline covers events from 1694-2009. Each shelf covered six events in history, with the year it happened, a short summary of events and a picture of the event or person. For the books on display for each shelf, I chose books that corresponded to the events represented on that shelf.

For the title at the top of the display I cut the letters out using our Silhouette Cameo and glued them onto black strips of paper.

Here is the file, you can trace it in Silhouette Studio.