Monday, July 14, 2014

June: Books Vs. Magazines Display

Books vs. Magazines, a unique display to showcase our wonderful collection of magazines and similar books. Which will the students want to read more?
For this display I went with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The idea of arrows and "pick me" signs seemed to fit right in with the idea of books vs. magazines.

Here is some of the signage I created to decorate the display with:

I placed the arrows on the shelves pointed at either the book or the magazine.

I chose books and magazines that shared similar themes. For example: Sports Illustrated paired with a sports book.

If you have magazines that are not being read I recommend giving this display a try!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July: Summer Reading Had Me A Blast Display

Check out my new summer display "Summer Reading Had Me A Blast." Sticking with the "Grease" theme I created a Grease type logo using a red car and instead of the words "grease" I used "read."

  In our collection we have two books that have records on the cover: Telegraph Avenue and Half-Blood. I used the cover images to make two two records and I printed out a few copies of each to put around the display. I then created music notes in Photoshop and cut them out to put on the display.

I found a "grease" type font and wrote the display name and then cut out the words and put them onto red construction paper.

A very easy display, but it turned out great!Feel free to use any of the signage/pics.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July: Postcard Summer Display

Wish you could travel this summer? Discover new places without leaving your house with this Postcard display!
I created "postcards" using the covers/locations of popular/new books in our collection. Here are some examples:

I then created signage for the display "Discover a new world this summer."
and then I cut out the postcards and the words and placed them all over the display!
I was able to find more postcards already made for Twilight and Harry Potter, I did not provide them here but you can search Google for them. Please feel free to use any signage!