Monday, February 2, 2015

February: African American History Timeline Display

In honor of African-American History Month I created a unique timeline display. I saw an idea on Pinterest from a University library that had posted a timeline in their display case, for African-American History Month. I searched all over and was unable to find the timeline they had used. I created my own timeline template in Photoshop and I used facts, years and photos found on InfoPlease African-American History Timeline, Black History Month, US Forest Services Timeline of Events in African American History, and NPR Black History Month Timeline.

The timeline covers events from 1694-2009. Each shelf covered six events in history, with the year it happened, a short summary of events and a picture of the event or person. For the books on display for each shelf, I chose books that corresponded to the events represented on that shelf.

For the title at the top of the display I cut the letters out using our Silhouette Cameo and glued them onto black strips of paper.

Here is the file, you can trace it in Silhouette Studio.

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