Friday, February 14, 2014

February: Blind Date With A Book

Love is in the air and it's time to create a Valentine's Day display for the library. Last year I made a "Blind Date With a Book" display (all our displays stay up for a two week period).

I found many ideas on Pinterest and from other library blogs. Here are a few that I used to gain inspiration:
I will be repeating the display again this year, and I will provide images/details in a few weeks.

To begin my display I choose approx. thirty four books. Our display shelf holds approx. twenty six books, but I was hopeful that the students would check out several books and we would need to be prepared to replenish the display frequently. I kept track of the books I chose using an excel spreadsheet. (I wanted to be sure that I did not use the same books when I repeated the display in the years to come). I also used the spreadsheet to number the books, list the barcode for each book and to add notes about what genre/topics the books represented.

With the help of our parent volunteers, we pulled all the books for the display. I then created "Rate your date" slips to put inside each book. The students would rate the book and then turn in the slip for a raffle at the end of the two week period. 

We then wrapped each book using different types of wrapping paper. To keep track of which book was which after it was wrapped we used the spreadsheet. Since each book was already numbered on the spreadsheet we decided to draw a large number on each book after it was wrapped instead of placing a temporary barcode on the book (as others have chosen to do). When the students checked out a book they would not be able to use the self checkout computer, instead we made a sign out sheet that they could write their name and the number that was on the book.

 I saw many ideas on Pinterest to entice students to pick a book. Some wrote summaries of the book or gave hints on the topic/genre. We decided to use both "genre" hints as well as "similar" books. For example: if the book was about vampires we wrote "for Twilight lovers" on the tag.

 I then created signs using Photoshop (signage ideas came from Pinterest and other library blogs). One sign explained the Blind Date process, one assured students that they could check out the books (I highly recommend having one of these) and one just because:

Once all of that was done it was now time for the fun part of decorating the display shelves. 
I found a tutorial on Pinterest teaching me how to make the heart chains that I used on the shelves as added decor. Here is the link to Strumpet's Crumpets:
I added the heart chains to the shelves and I also cut out paper hearts in different shades of pink and red. I folded the hearts in half and taped one side down on the outside edge of the shelves. It made the hearts really pop out and look great.

Overall the display was a huge success and we had many students checking out books. The raffle was held at the end of the two weeks and one student won a box of See's candy. I can't wait to see how this years display turns out!

Please feel free to use any of the signage/slips!

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