Thursday, September 11, 2014

September: Genre Display

At the end of the last school year we completed our fiction genre-fying project. All the books were labeled and organized by genre. To start the new year, I decided to showcase the fact that our fiction section is now organized by genre with a genre display.
I used two of our bookcases to showcase the display. We have ten genres so I used five on one and five on the other. For the decor I used the same fonts that were used for the genre labels

I printed them out very large on colored paper (the colors of the actual labels) and then cut out each letter and taped it to the display, one genre per shelf.

I filled the shelf associated with each genre with books by that genre only. There was an extra shelf at the top and bottom of each bookcase, so I filled those with a mix of genres and added a sign on one bookcase that said "What's Your Favorite Genre?" and on the other bookcase that said "Our Fiction Section is Not Organized By Genre"

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