Monday, September 22, 2014

September: Banned Books Week (Display 1) 23 Banned Books

Monday, September 22 begins Banned Books Week. Every year our library celebrates with awesome displays. This year we have three different Banned Books displays. The first display was inspired by a cool infographic found on WeldonOwen, "22 of their favorite banned books" color-coded by their reason for being banned. My original idea was to take the exact books from the infographic and then create color-coded sashes like the infographic.

However the Upper School Library did not have all the books on the list. I was able to borrow a few from the Middle School Library but I was still short quite a few books. I used the ALA's list of frequently banned or challenged books and found 23 total from our library. I researched each book and found the reason for it being banned or challenged and the year it was banned or challenged. I then created "sashes" in Photoshop with the year in one of six colors (I did not have books for all eight categories as the infographic had). The Six categories I used were: Religion, Politics, Sexism, Sexuality, Cultural Differences, and Racism.

Using the same layout as the infographic, I created a sign for the 23 books along with the six categories.

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