Saturday, October 25, 2014

October: Black and White and Read All Over Display

This month I decided to take all of our black and white cover books and feature them in a display. This was by far the easiest display I have done, and it took very little planning. I recommend using this when you don't have the time to plan an elaborate display.

I went through the fiction section and noted down the barcodes of every book that had only black and white (or white) in the cover. I then entered all the barcodes into a resource list so one of our parent volunteers could pull the books the morning of our display change.

For the decoration I measured the shelf and made black and white boxes in Photoshop that I then printed out, cut out and taped to cover the shelf edge. Feel free to use them:

For the signage I wrote out "Black and White and Read All Over" and then cut out each word and taped it to the display.

Overall it really turned out great!

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