Thursday, June 19, 2014

June: Books Into Movies Display

Book Into Movies Display! There are several YA books being turned into movies this year. This is a perfect opportunity to gain student interest. The last two years we have made a books into movies display that features all recently released as well as upcoming movies. Playing off of the popular "Call Me Maybe" song I created signage for the display, the keywords I made pink and the rest I left black. I also backed each word with a colored piece of construction paper:

To entice the students even further I created a QR code that links to the movies trailer. Each book, that has a trailer available, showcases a QR code on the front cover. Here are some of the codes (you may want to check to see the links are still active):

I then created signs to display on the shelves. The first sign just told gave the display title along with some movie posters:
The second sign gave the title and explained about the QR codes:
The third sign I made smaller 5" x 7" and it was just a common saying that I am constantly saying/hearing:
On the lower shelves of the display I put books that were being turned into movies, yet their trailers were not released yet. I called these "coming soon":
I also added stars to the coming soon books with their projected movie release date:
The display is a lot of fun, please feel free to use any of the signage/ QR codes.

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