Monday, April 14, 2014

April: Quotes, Quotes, Quotes Display

You may have seen the article on Buzzfeed featuring "28 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World" along with a quote about libraries on each image. I first saw this article on Facebook and I shared it on our library facebook page. A few weeks later it came to my attention again from our Library Director. The middle school librarian suggested we turn it into a display, such a great idea. I went ahead and created the following display with it as my inspiration.
I started by creating a resource list of every book the library had by the authors who's quotes were featured in the article. We only had about 22 of the 28 (although Mark Twain is repeated). I then found books in our collection on quotes and added these. Our library parent volunteer is so helpful when it comes to displays, she pulled all the books from the list and found more books that fit the overall theme of the display.

I then typed up all the quotes from the article that we had matches of books by author for. This was tedious, but necessary for what I had in mind for the display. (I am sure I could have searched for the quotes and then copy and pasted them, but hindsight....) I created quote bubbles in Photoshop and made them different colors. I put one quote in each bubble:

 I also typed up some of the quotes by "anonymous" to use as extra decor. I then printed out blank quote bubbles to place around the edge of the display. Out goal was to get students to write their favorite quote about libraries in the blank quote bubbles. I wrote in a few of the bubbles directions for the students to write their own quote:
A volunteer and I cut out all the quotes and quote bubbles. She then taped the matching quote to the corresponding book by the author. We taped all the blank quote bubbles and the ones with the directions around the edges of the display. We taped the three anonymous quotes around the edges as well. I then wrote a quote in one of the bubbles and so did our parent volunteer (To show the students what we meant).

For signage I created one that told the students about the display and asked them to write a quote, it also had a QR code that links to the article we were inspired by.
To advertise our display I made a second image for use on our website and facebook page:
Please feel free to use any of the signage. I hope this inspires you to view the article and create a display!

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