Monday, March 3, 2014

Crafts: Snowball Garland

Last weekend my niece had a Frozen, winter themed birthday party. My sister saw some snowball garlands on Pinterest, but it was difficult for us to find DIY instructions on how to create the snowball garland. We did find tutorials on garlands made with felt, but that seemed too complicated. It turns out the snowball garlands were very simple to make and I will share how we did it. (These would be great to use on a winter themed library display!).

1. You will needs several different sizes of white pompoms. We used three sizes, small, medium and then some really large ones. You can purchase these at your local craft store such as HobbyLobby, Joann's or Michael's.
2. Fishing line or some clear string
3. a large needle
4. hot glue and a glue gun
I began by opening all the bags of pompoms and sorting them into the three sizes. This made it easier to choose the size I wanted quickly.
I then tied the fishing line to the needle (I did not thread the needle as if I was going to be sewing, I just threaded the fishing line through the needle and made a knot around the eye of the needle. (You will be untying the fishing line from the needle once you are done). We were going to use the snowball garland to hang from the ceiling so we measured out 6' of fishing line. I then tied a knot at the bottom of the fishing line.

I then starting stringing pompoms onto the fishing line. The needle was difficult to push through the center of the pompom so I just went a little to one side and it was pretty easy to get the needle through. I varied sizes as I went and for a 6' length I think I did around 10-13 pompoms.

We were hoping the pompoms would just stay where we spaced them on the fishing line, and the small and medium size ones did. But unfortunately the large ones fell straight to the bottom and pulled everything in their way down as well. So we decided to add a bit of hot glue.We laid the garland on the floor and spread out all the pompoms to the location we wanted them to stay. Then we put a drop of hot glue under each pompom on the fishing line.

To achieve the look we created with the hanging, we first hung a few garlands close to the wall and spaced a couple feet from each other. We then hung the next round between each existing garland but three inches away from the wall. The staggered look made the snowballs stand out better.
The snowball garlands along with the winter touches made for perfect party decor! You could use these garlands in many ways. We hung them straight down from the wall, but you could hang them across the room and add a bit of swag to make a cool effect.
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